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Diego Valero



In my years of analysis and experience I have discovered that a good financial health is not, paradoxically, a financial issue, but rather an issue that deals with emotions, feelings, and instinctive reactions. We all want to have an economically clear future, but there are numerous frictions that prevent us from making the right decisions when money is the issue at stake.
I would like to explain you that I founded, together with other colleagues, a pension consulting company, called Novaster, to apply all the technical knowledge I discovered in my academic education, which includes a PhD in Economics and a few MBAs, as well as a degree as an Actuary. Along with my professional development, I have never abandoned my academic vocation, both in the University, for more than three decades. I am also invested in the education of young high school graduates (which is really exciting and fun), and of course, in the professional training, with hundreds of conferences and courses around the world. I am also the academic director of the Global Pensions Program, the flag course of training in pensions of the prestigious London School of Economics. I have also written many articles, some books, and I am particularly proud to have translated a masterpiece in the pension literature, Pension Reform, written by my friend and colleague, Professor Nicholas Barr and by the Nobel Prize laureate Peter Diamond.

I also discovered years ago, when I was preparing my doctoral thesis, behavioral economics, and I was enthusiastic about its approach, its power, and above all, its conceptual simplicity. I saw many applications that great minds (Kahneman, Tversky, Thaler, Benartzi, …) had developed, and I studied it with passion, I read everything I found, and I tried to structure its application to my field of action, pensions and long-term savings. This impelled me to create BeWay, our dreams factory, our behavioral laboratory to improve the financial health of people, and especially, their retirement. Because, as famous singer Serrat says, «we all have an old man on us».

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Consultora BeWay expertos en hábitos financieros, ventas y marketing
Expertos en economía del comportamiento y estrategias de negocio

Gonzalo Camiña



I am the founder of OpSeeker, a fintech company dedicated to the development of technological solutions based on Behavioral Economics. From this project, I have been collaborating for years with BeWay on making projects to improve the Financial Health of its clients using chatbot technology, artificial intelligence and gamification techniques.

If I had to define my career in one word, it would be «international». I studied Financial Economics and Business Management at Methodist University, North Carolina, completed a Master’s Degree in Management with a specialization in Finance at ESCP Europe University, Paris, and I have worked as a trader in New York and on Forex Structuring in London.

Financial Education is a special motivation for me. In fact, I am part of the Think Forward Initiative, a project promoted by ING, Deloitte, Dell and Amazon Web Services to contribute to improving the financial health of Europeans. I also received the Iberian Inclusion Plus Award from the Metlife Foundation for the best financial inclusion initiative in the Iberian Peninsula.

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A diverse team

Looking at our people’s professional profile, we might look like a random sample chosen on any college campus. We don’t fit a standard pattern and we don’t really understand what a «Casual Friday» is. Is there such thing as a «formal Monday» or a «Boring Tuesday»? Not here.

However, no team member is here by chance. Working on such a multidisciplinary field like this, we feel the need to have experts to cover all the important areas for the development of our projects.

BeWay’s professionals are specialized in areas such as:

  • Economics.
  • Psychology.
  • Back and Frontend Software Development.
  • Neuromarketing and Consumer Behavior.
  • Data Engineering.
  • Design and Experimental Interventions.
  • Project Management, Development and Implementation.
  • Cloud Systems Architecture and Collaborative Tool Development.
  • UX and Behavioral Design.
  • Transformation of teams for the use of Behavioral Economics.
  • Commercial Design.
  • Human Resources and Labor Relations.
  • Digital Business.

Consultora BeWay especialistas en customer experience y neuromarketing

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